Renovating can be a minefield and despite what you see on reality TV shows, it isn’t always glamorous. It can be exhausting, dirty, overwhelming, and emotionally & financially stressful.  Not to mention tough on relationships. But it can also be incredibly rewarding and, if done well, profitable.  Through our thoughtful renovation advice and services, we help people avoid some of the common mistakes renovators make.  We can also help take some of the emotion and stress out of the process. If you’re thinking of renovating, make sure you check us out, and find out how we can help you on your renovation journey.

Initial Design Brief

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Many people know they need to renovate and give their house a “freshen up” but don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to do it in stages, or only want to do part of the house. Through thoughtful renovation advice, we help you decide what renovations will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Our initial design brief helps you evaluate what renovations will enhance your property the most, what renovations will fit into your budget, and how staged renovations can work logistically.

Individual Room Design Brief

If you already know what rooms you want to renovate and would like advice on design, we’re happy to put together an individual room design brief. Because we’re builders as well as renovation consultants, our designs are practical as well as beautiful.

Detailed Scope of Works

This is one of our key pieces of renovation advice. Make sure you have a Detailed Scope of Works. If you aren’t sure why – click here.  It’s an essential place to start for any renovation. It includes estimated quantities of materials and labour. If you’re looking at DIY home renovations, you can use this scope of works as a starting point for what you need to do. If you’re looking at getting trades in, you can give the scope of works to the trades as a reference for what you’d like done as well as for them to use when quoting.

DIY Renovation Package

You let us know what you want to complete and what you want us to complete.

Trade Supply Package

We give you a list of trades we’ve used and recommend.  You do the rest.

Trade Management Package

You use your trades (or ours) and you purchase all materials. We supply you with a schedule of works for trades, make sure your paperwork for trades is in order and complete site inspections throughout the course of the project to make sure trades have completed works properly.

Full Renovation Package

The Complete Package – we act as the builder. You get the advantage of all our trade discounts. All works are quoted and there is a QBCC fixed price contract between us and you.  We look after any necessary council approvals and certifications.

Home Styling/Staging

Home styling and home staging can make a massive difference when it comes to presenting your property. Let us help you set your property apart from the others with a style or design package.  We can provide a quote for full or part styling/staging.

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